Public and Active Crew Courses

Volunteer Marine Rescue Jacobs Well runs First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation as well as Marine Radio courses for the general public (and Active Crew Members).

First Aid (including CPR) / Advanced Resuscitation (including CPR)

PUBLIC Course Dates:

  • TBA (First Aid)
  • TBA (Advanced Resuscitation)

Active Crew ONLY Course Dates:

  • TBA (First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation)
  • TBA (First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation)
  • TBA (First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation)

Note: 8am for an 8:30am start. Advanced Resuscitation (3hrs) from 8:30 with First Aid afterwards.

Course Pricing:

  • Non-Members: $80
  • Associate Members: $70;
  • New Active Members – $50 per course.
    • All members attending a course MUST bring their Fundraising Record Sheet with them to have it verified before commencement of course. If members wish to attend a course, please sign up when on their next roster or ring the Base and request that their name be put on the sign-on sheet on the Training Notice Board.
      • No charge for other active members.


Course Dates:

  • Course: TBC
  • Assessment: TBC
  • Active Crew (MARC043) - complete via online learning

Course Pricing:

  • MARC043 - Transmit & Receive Information by Marine Radio (Active Crew Only)
    • LROCP Textbook: $45
    • AMC Application Fee: $49
  • LROCP Full Course (Textbook Included)
    • Non-Member $159
    • Associate $149
  • LROCP Exam Only (Self Study)
    • Non-Member $99
    • Associate $94
  • SROCP Full Course(Textbook Included)
    • Non-Member $139
    • Associate $125
  • SROCP Exam Only (Self Study)
    • Non-Member $99
    • Associate $94

Must bring to exam: pencils, eraser, photo ID, passport size photo

The Handbook is available online as a read only document.

Active Crew Training

The new MAR 2014 Training Package is now available for use. Assignments and Learner guides are available via your E-Learning login, or from Crew Resource Controller. Assessment forms will only be issued if the required/relevant Task Book record of training sections have been signed off, and supplied to the UTC.

Group training on particular Modules will be arranged in due course, as demand dictates. All JW Crew will be issued with a new Record of Training book, which is purely for that individuals record, and tracking, and lists the requirements, MAR and USMs, for each advance in ‘Rating’ or Appointments. The Training Matrix, and Personal Records are also available on the Notice Board.
Please contact the UTC for more information

Crew MAR 2014 Module Courses held at base:

  • ESS – TBA
  • MARJ001 – Follow Environmental Work Practices: TBA
  • MARH001 – Plan & Navigate a Passage for a Vessel up to 12 Metres:  TBA
  • MARC005 – Operate Inboard and Outboard Motors: TBA
  • MARN002 – Apply Seamanship Skills Aboard a Vessel: TBA
  • MARI001 – Comply with Regulations: TBA
  • MF107B – Assist in search and rescue operations: TBA
  • MARB002 – Main Propulsion Unit and Auxiliary Systems: TBA
  • MARC006 – Operate Main Propulsion Unit and Auxiliary Systems: TBA
  • USM 3,3A – Local Knowledge: TBA
  • MARC043 (Transmit & Receive Information by Marine Radio)
    • Active Crew Only, MUST have been signed off on USM3.
    • USM 3A will be completed with this course.
    • Training: TBA, Assessment: TBA

Crew Module Courses available online: